Final Year Projects

Final Year Project Printing and Soft Binding Liimerick :: UL, LIT, Mary I

Take the stress out of printing and binding your FYP Final Year Project

View your files on any of our PCs before going to print!
Print from Word or PDF!
More than 1 file, no problem!
Student Friendly!

Very Fast Turnaround.
3 Digital Printers which print at 60 pages per minute each.
3 PCs to open and view your FYP files before going to print.

We offer all types of binding.
Soft Binding/Heat Binding. Secure binding up to 300 pages, 
   Beware of cheaper versions where pages fall out
Coil Binding
Wire Binding
Comb Binding

Usual Turnaround Time for 3 copies 15 minutes.
(Printed and Bound)

Would you like a Hard Bound Copy of your FYP?

Great for Job Interviews, As a Present or to go proudly on your book shelf.